13 de fevereiro de 2017

A nova era do protecionismo, o ataque de Trump à Alemanha e à economia global

A primeira semana de Trump foi um jogo de poder, cheio de tentativas de intimidação e ameaças. Ver também: Face a Trump, a China poderá voltar-se para a Europa O imposto sobre o ajustamento fronteiriço poderá ajudar a Europa a encontrar uma voz comum sobre Trump China, o maior beneficiário do protecionismo de Trump

The New Age of ProtectionismTrump's Attack on Germany and the Global Economy

U.S. President Donald Trump wants to stimulate the American economy, but he has shown no
interest in existing trade deals or in the basic rules of economics. It is a dangerous cocktail for 
German industry.

Photo Gallery: Trump's Threat to the German Economy
  • Combeen quite a scene at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York recently, with a never-ending parade of stretch limousines and armored S-Class Mercedes pulling up to the building. The heads of Ford, Tesla, Boeing and dozens of other companies have all dropped by for an audience with Donald Trump. The president has consistently gushed about the "great meetings," but little more than silence could be heard from the other side.

Behind the scenes, this much has become clear: They didn't come for negotiations or even to offer advice to the new president. They came to hedge their bets. They are on the defensive, in the hopes that Trump will be less aggressive with those who he knows.
Senior executives in Germany have been keeping close tabs on the stream of visitors heading for an audience with Trump, full of concern and nervous about what the future might hold. They have refrained from speaking about Trump publicly, but internally, it's the only thing they are talking about.